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January 2002 - Gravedigger

Gravedigger owned DOS Graveyard (download website) and Backlane (webring) Once the abandonware community decided to cleanse itself of Oldwarez and follow a 'pure' path this had ignited a rift with the 'for vs against' camps. He was famed for his various disputes in the scene and speaking his mind. He held resentment towards the three biggest rings (AR, ROA and & TUOL) and started Backlane which would become the biggest ring in the abandonware/oldwarez scene. Gravedigger was a generation before me, so I didn't have any dealings with him - however became interested in how had reveled in controversary and whereas myself and others would seek redemption for our misgivings from the scene, he would take a "So? deal with it!" approach to his critics.

The Saint: Hi Gravedigger, you have been gone for practically ages from the Abandonware scene! DOS Graveyard and Backlane departed at the same time you left too, what have you been doing since you've left?

Gravedigger: Actually, I was fedup of few labotomized kids lurking in this scene including Underdogs, Elwood. Plus, This scene is completly infringing the copyright law of digital media or whatever they call this. HOTU is the biggest site to indulge in these illegal activities.

The Saint: Now as some might think, your grudge with TUOL and co - finished when you left the scene, is this true? Do you still have some bad feelings towards anyone from yesteryear?

Gravedigger: Yes, all water under the bridge. But it was no war. I only tried to show them the reality and they were never ready to except the reality or maybe the reality was too cruel for them to even stand it so they reacted as kids and cursed me for showing them the reality Well, I sometme feel pity of them. :))

The Saint: Do you plan on returning? I read on TGARL that you said "Backlane was the best ring and will be when it returns" when can we expect a return?

Gravedigger: I am returning very soon but only with DOS Graveyard. backlane will also return but not as a ring, more as a search engine for all kind of sites.

The Saint: I understand you have been watching from the sidelines - what is your opinion on the current state of the Abandonware scene?

Gravedigger: ABANDONWARE SUX. Let me rephrase - Its actually the people like J-Who, Marssy etc that SUX and due to them the scene sux.

The Saint: When you was fully active within the scene, was there anything/anyone that really got on your nerves, if so - who and why?

Gravedigger: Haha, intersting question. I wish you could browse the ring created by Lithium. hahaha

The Saint: If you could sum up in one word to describe Backlane when it was alive, what would it be?

Gravedigger: RULED, that is the right ONE word

The Saint: What are your views on TUOL and AR at the momment?

Gravedigger: The whole damn war started due to backlane, they were completely jealous of my ring LOL. Tuol and AR almost the same as they were before, cruel, unjust, selfish, cunning, stupid, can you add some more words here please. LOL

The Saint: At the momment, how active are you and do you talk to many people from the Abandonware scene still?

Gravedigger: Yes, I do sometime visit the Pub, irc channels related to the scene and chat for fun with old dudes like Haba, Nemisis etc.

The Saint: Did you ever hear of someone called 'Warmonger'? he ran a Oldwarez ring called 'TOAR', a lot of people said there are similarities between yourselves and he is a regeneration of you?

Gravedigger: Yes I know this asshole. He is not even shit of me, he is too stupid to fight Tuol members because he was not arguing on solid ground.

The Saint: When you return to the scene, will it be with a 'bang' or will it be peaceful?

Gravedigger: No I will try to sneak in the scene without even joining any ring or advertiseing in the scene. DOS Graveyard is not coming back as an abandonware site or totally archive.

The Saint: What website/person would you like to see return to the scene?

Gravedigger: I love to see Nemisis Abadonware again. that was the site I leeched many games. LOL

The Saint: If you had a messeage for someone in the Abandonware scene, who would it be and what would you say?

Gravedigger: Yes, I wanna curse PsOmA in public, Do NOT trust that person.

The Saint: Apart from AR & TUOL, have you noticed any of the other rings? If so which ones and what are you opinions on them?

Gravedigger: Hmm.. Well all other rings are better than these two, I would say. Atleast they care for the members

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