Sunday, 13 July 2008

Expletives and shit.

I didn't update for a shitload of time. I know. I've got a good excuse though; I tripped over the internet cable more then a month ago - and didn't realize until now. Who actually cares for my weak excuses though, the fact is I'm updating now - for which I hope will continue.

You've got to understand one thing, I'm still living in the scene of yesteryear - not saying I'm an 'elder' of the scene or anything, because I'm a second stroke third generation scener - so my plight for which you will read, probably doesn't exist now, but I might aswell proceed.

So an unspoken or actually spoken rule is the "keep the swearing on a low" every webring had or enforced this rule, even my dear rotting EchoRing - yet, isn't that just a censorship on our freedom of speech. Yeah, I hear you - the kids, we have to keep it toned down for them. But you know what, little timothy who just goes straight to the download links of your website, then presses the red 'x' at the top right afterwards - do you really think he gives a toss about the swearing or our news update box or 'about page', when in actual fact, he probably uses far more severe profanity with his 'buddys' at school, (which would probably make a sailor blush) - remember we're not living in the 60's guys, this is 2008.
And quite frankly, if this kid is under 9-10 and is surfing the internet unsupervised, it's really not my fucking job to act as a guardian for him - it's my/your site, and my/your spew - I can't be held responsible for corrupting a minors innocence with the word 'shit' or 'fuck plastered on my site, and feel sorry - once they have leeched my site dry for games - I'll make a note for myself to put net fucking nanny in the apps section next time.

Oh, and whats this - the snooty 25+ deems it highly inappropriate that I can't express myself without swear words - then just fucking leave aswell.

So, just to wrap this up - who really gives a shit?