Sunday, 29 November 2020


Ten years later.

Look at us.

The world is certainly a different place. Or maybe it's the same, but feels different due to being older. Chances are, if you are reading this - it could possibly be on a smart phone or a tablet; something not really fathomed ten years ago.

I had it mind to explore the possibility of revisiting this small blog as an anniversary; perhaps the current pandemic gave me more time to reflect and I became more nostaligic about an array of things; including abandonware.

I found an old CD with certain material from the abandonware scene of yester-year and a few articles (non-sensationalism this time) I had in mind to publish, if anyone is out there and wishes to view it.

To manage expectations, this woud be something I update every fortnight.

I hope everyone is well and pray to the abandonware gods that the comments sections do not get riddled with comments by the swines that are spambots posting backlinks on the internet and what not.