Friday, 27 February 2009

AWGaz 2009

Not as fancy as DFL. Not as friendly as AbandonwareBlog. And not as witty as TOT, although twice more the empty promises as before - AWGaz is back! I've now got a free-slot to concentrate on this site - which I'll try to dedicate a healthy update pattern to.

So DFL is back under the helm of Diskboy which is located at who are now our respective competition. Abandonwareblog has closed and decided to form a sort of coalition with them.

Following up from my HOTU article many light-years ago, has seen the unfortunate demise of the site - which will be sorely missed and has created a massive wound in the Abandonware community.

Everyones favourtie Abandonware titillation website; The Joystick has closed it's doors - which I'd just like to thank Anom for all his hard work on the site throughout the years.

Apart from that the AW scene is practically dead. Finding news to post about can become quite tedious, but I'll not be posting news about games or developers - because my aim is to stroke community members ego's in some way or another.

Thats all from me - tune in for more to come.