Monday, 4 January 2021

January 2002 - Jante Interview

When NeoPickaze and myself set out to create EchoRing - the idea had initially been instead of a protest ring such as Anti-TUOL, to create an Abandonware ring that we can take TUOL on with. Other members of Anti-TUOL then went to start their own projects within Abandonware or their own rings. We didn't just want an Abandonware ring, we wanted to create a 'Network' to rival TUOL's Network of sites. Being young and naive, we were full of ambition and ideas - but typical of that age, lacked the motivation to put that into practice and maintain it. One of the ideas had been 'Abandon City' thinking back, this would of been more of a rival to DFL/TAG at the time. I had 'interviewed' a number of people in the Abandonware Community and never had chance to post them, until now.

Jante was an active and likeable member of the community who owned Wasted Oldies had been part of the Abandonware Ring crew; alongside Plix, Jason and Swizzle at the time. He had been the only person to update the ring (originally it had been the biggest and 'the establishment' but at this time, it had been the second biggest behind TUOL - apparently got more hits than TUOL did, partly down to its senority and you could argue it had a better design, which had been designed by Jason) in the same year after this interview, Jante made the switch from Abandonware Ring to Abandon Places; which better suited him.

The Saint: Hi Jante, since the re-launch of AR, quite a few things have happended over there - such as staff members have come and gone and so on. Will the AR forum be back up?
Jante: We are currently trying to find a better hosting plan, but when we move, we will probably re-open a forum. Other sections.. we will add a FAQ soon.

The Saint: So, who are the current AR crew members? And what happended to Janiaspig?
Jante: Me, Keplini, Jason, Plix, Swizzle is the ones that are crew there now. Janinaspig is kinda like a last resort, if some of us can't update. I havent talked to PsOmA in a long time, so I don't know if he still wants to help us out.

The Saint:What are your current feelings towards, after what has happended on the forum?
Jante: I have no bad feelings towards AG, but the forum stinks. I made some great friends at the forum, but most of them have left it now.

The Saint:What would you say Abandonware Ring's goals are?
Jante: To help people not to forget the old classics.. It's all about keeping them alive. Other than that.. i dunno.

The Saint: What are your views on the current state of the scene? Is there anything/anyone that's really getting on your nerves?
Jante: The scene hasn't been moving in any direction lately.. It's been quiet for quite some time.. Well.. If there is one, his name is Warmonger.

The Saint: If you could sum up in just one word to describe AR, what would it be?
Jante: If you count an url as a word: <- go read the shit above the crew info. ;)

The Saint:If you could sum up in just one word to describe the state of the Abandonware scene, what would it be?
Jante: quiet

The Saint:What are your views on other big webrings, such as TUOL and APlaces?
Jante: TUOL is just one big list of sites. Some gone, some not updated in a year.. AP is great, and with the new design, im starting to love it even more.

The Saint:​ Your time spent in the scene as up to yet, if there is something/someone/somepeople you would like to see return to the scene, that has been long gone, what/who would it be and why?
Jante: I want Cascade back! Why? Because it was great, and ask others about this, they would agree.

The Saint:Last but not least, do you wreckon we will see Swizzle back at the AR, soon?
Jante: Well.. Yes, maybe he'll start updating again now that we have fixed ourselves a update system..


L0rdy said...

Where is Jante now?

Neopickaze said...

You are the next Michael Parkinson

The Saint said...

L0rdy: I heard Swizzle took him out of commission for crossing the AR to AP line.

NeoPickaze: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Greta Thunberg of Abandonware. How graced I am with your presence, your excellency. I feel as though I should be paying you for this cameo.

Don't you worry, your scathing expose is on its way. Sending shock waves throughout the community and making humanity question itself.