Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Design dead?

A month. One whole month. After all the previous 'willy-waving' statements I've made about "Oooo! Look at me! This is AWGaz and it will be updated continuously!" I've not only let myself down, but I've let my public down - and whats the first rule of showbiz? Never let down your public. *Hangs head in shame*

Apart from that - lets look at whats happened since I've not updated shall we? Diskboy has done the exact thing, after his willy-waving; nice one man, whats your excuse?

Muaddib reopened Abandonware Blog - which was great news for the 'media' side of the community, yet two things I noticed; this time it seems to of only concentrated on games, and his last update was two weeks ago. So we've got three media sources in the scene, and three social layabouts running them - great stuff. Fox take note: Now we've even got more sites on the verge of going to the much anticipated 'Abandonware Archive'.

What kicked me into gears to update was, an email I received from Poorgod (oh whats that? Yeah that's right - me and poorgod are buddies.) saying "Update the Gazette!" pasted 50 times (literally). So all death threats and hate mail go to him, for updating this site - as you visited it everyday saying to yourself "another day he hasn't updated! he's surely gotta shut-it down now? teehee!"

Getting back on course though.. I'm gay.. No seriously - remember when having the *best* design was the craze? Remember Bumbleb? That was drool material. Remember TZ and acring, NeoPickaze and his EchoRings and other sites? Those stood out. Those websites where something to aspire to, and at that stage felt like they way things would look, in years to come. So years have passed now, seven years in total - and as the par of your 'usual' design has increased in quality, it's just a tid-bit. All this talk of 'Oh, I like to keep things simplistic' it's just bullshit - you can't design THAT good so you hide behind that facade, face it. I mean, take this heap of trash as an example - do you really think I aspired to use blogspot and have this shitty layout? No. I can't design for shit - and I'm not about to embarrass myself. At the end of the day, don't get me wrong - I'm not shooting anyone down, because I appreciate everyones designs - but what happened to the 'design-nuclear-race' all those years ago?

See you next month.. (just kidding..)