Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Poll

As the title suggests - check it out.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

TOAR back in town

After an eight year hiatus, Warmonger of (Abandonwar & previous TOAR fame) has decided to resurrect one of the most controversial rings that the Abandonware scene has came across. The new design, whilst not glitzy as some - is a basic and colourful website which serves it's main purpose. Updates so far have been consistently regular and although the member count isn't that impressive at the momment, that is bound to change. In light of the current state of affairs which the 'scene' is going through now - a new addition to the rings could just be what we have been waiting for, especially from someone like Warmonger who has a such a large character.

I managed to catch up with Warmonger and asked him why he decided to re-open after eight years and this is what he had to say "I have noticed the scene declining in activity and, thought it needed a fresh breath of air, from an old sod from the past and, also noticed the other rings sucked balls"

Whether or not he can reach the heights of 70 members this time around is yet to be seen, but knowing Warmonger, we can definitely expect him to have a good crack at it. AWGaz throws it's support behind this blast from the past.

Visit: TOAR @ http://toar.cz.cc