Monday, 21 April 2008

Underdogs; every dog has it's day.

This is a real enigma for me. “This isn’t exactly news is it, genius?” I hear you screech – yeah, maybe not Sherlock – but it still confuses me. The biggest Abandonware related website, dedicated to the ‘Underdog’ games of yesteryear, which along with the AR has been the real backbone of the scene, has now gone to the dogs (excuse the pun). New Abandonware article published? Underdogs interviewed. Joined the scene? Probably through Underdogs. Lets face it, seven out of ten AW websites, use the exact same games published from Underdogs.

The design has never wowed me, neither have a majority of the reviews – yet it’s still the place to go, purely because of what it stands for and what it’s contributed. Following on from the recent youtube video published; here – whilst a nice gesture, freaks the shit out of me with the eeriness surrounding it, it’s like an obituary to a victim of a drink-drive accident.

What I don’t exactly get though, is the fact that she finds time available to update her blog regularly (and translate it – I might add), yet fails to update the actual website, or even graces her forum with a single forum post about her whereabouts. It’s not even that which gets me though – it’s the fact, that a numerous amount of people (trusted & experienced – which of whom are the actual underdoggers themselves ) have put there hands-up in favour of actually updating & maintaining this mammoth of a the website, yet have had there noble attempts fall on deaf ears or apparently out-right rejected.

Obviously being an investment banker and running such a high-volume website and forum, it must of took it’s toll on Sarinee over the years – which, in all fairness is more then expected. Yesteryear saw this young-pup of a website run around and bark, but now its more of a symbol, a symbol which has turned into a malnourished old-dog – nothing stays on top forever though, as other young-pups are introduced, most notably Abandonia which is slowly creeping up and turning into the new epicentre of Abandonware.

What was once a bustling HOTU forum, has the whiff of rotting setting in. It’s only really a matter of time, when you’ll visit this old beaut, and its domain will be hijacked (once again) and this time, it sadly will not be renewed.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

My life. Games. The community.

In no way, will I sway this website into a self obsessed or self infatuated, ego-massage biography about myself, but with the lack of news in the scene (Abandonware Gazette - is going to be harder work then I presumed.) I thought perhaps I’d put some oil on the wheels. Before I start, I must apologize for the lack of activity on my side – I must reiterate that this will not be common practise – just had an unexpectedly crazy past week. I’m working on new material as you read this.

As a first pit stop, I’d like to give you some insight into who I am. My name is Vincent, I currently work for a large restaurant chain for the past four years, as a Payroll Supervisor. I will soon leave that life of misery, to pursue Law studies in September. I’m also due to get married next year. Furthermore I’m from the UK, but I’m half Cypriot. And Diskboy is my cousin in real life.

My first computer was a Commodore 64 which I have my many fond memories of, my second computer being an Amiga 500 – which really was a turning point for me, when I truly learned my love & fascination for games. I then went onto own a string of consoles, and my last one being a purchase I made last week, which was overdue – a Nintendo Wii. Although I’ve bought this fancy console, and games with over exaggerated willy-waving graphics – I’ve played it for a mere few hours, and I’ve put it down and got on my PC and have found myself playing Abandonware Games instead, which in retrospect I can’t help feeling that I’ve just wasted a shitload of money.

I joined the scene in June 2000, and in all honesty the games I was determined to find, was Heimdall & Monkey Island. Somewhere along the lines I joined a few forums, made a few websites, met new people, the rest is history. I was 15 then . I’m 23 now. At one point I became more indulged in the ‘community’ that I actually became less interested in the actual games. At the end of the day, I sit back and think “It’s all about the games” but it’s not just that; it’s speaking with the people on the same wave length, that have that ideal aswell.

I’d be really interested to find out about how & why you stumbled across Abandonware.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Let's start.

For my first article I was planning on doing an onslaught of the current state of Abandonware Rings, and going into lengthy detail how I felt they was being neglected; then I contemplated and fished around the ‘scene’ and thought; Wait a minute, I should really appreciate that we have these two rings left. And even though these two rings aren’t living up to the quality they used to, they’re still being updated and they are still pretty much enforcing the rules they have – so back the fuck off.

My reason for becoming active in the scene again, was due to the fact I met up with a friend after twelve years, and we began to go into hours of conversation about the old games that we used to play – as sad as that might sound, I must admit it did trigger off a sense of nostalgia for me.

Arriving back here is like being new to the scene, people that I considered to be my clique of the scene (Hah! Remember when there was cliques?) have all gone, I’ve got three people from the community on my MSN list, opposed to the thirty I used to have – I have no sites, and a majority of the new blood here, who lets face it run the scene now, won’t even know / remember me. It’s like going back to school, only ten years after. So two ways this site could sway, a quirky community based site, or a barrage of ramblings from a has-been.

But my question is this; and this has probably been beaten on the head so many times, it could be classified as ridiculous, but (and here goes); Where the fuck is everyone? Sure the scene is giving birth to a lot more fantastic and quality-focused download sites, yet it seems communication with each other, is down to a shoutbox on said website. I mean, I’ll go to the forums that I actually know and have recently found, and the second last ‘topic’ was from August 2007 or something. Furthermore another interesting question; people that are still involved with Abandonware, does this not bother you, or just seem normal?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

New Era.


With the demise of; AWNU, DFL and our recent saviour Abandonware Blog - all being closed down, I've took it upon myself to lead-on, where they unfortunately ended.

Abandonware Gazette, will take a different approach on the scene though, with more thought-provoking, cutting edge, and updated articles of the AW scene, will make it that more entertaining to read.

"What are you babbling on about, what Abandonware scene? It's completely dead!"

I hear you scream! It's not absolutely dead - and with the entrance of the Gazette, I hope to establish a congregation of people, right here - as to be totally honest, at the momment there isn't anywhere else decent, to actually communicate. (In the AW scene)

Thanks for listening & stay tuned.

-The Saint