Monday, 29 November 2010

Closing time - last call for drinks.

So thats it guys - Abandonware Gazette is officialy defunct now. After 2 years and six months and a mere 20 articles - I'm done here. I don't think its fair to disrespect the scene and have a media source around that cannot provide regular updates that it set out to do. Studying for a law degree is consuming all my time and going out all the time and drinking, doesen't help either. I set out to achieve filling a void in the scene, since Abandonware Blog (Muaddib) DFL (Diskboy) AWNU (Plix) & TOT (Vohaul) had all died - and a sort of coffee break read. I achieved that for a while and now DFL is back, it's what we've all been waiting for a long time.

This closure is not only about AWGaz but my departure from the scene. After nearly eleven fun filled years I've no interest anymore or any passion - I can't remember the last time I played an abandonware game. I don't foresee myself returning and I wish everyone all the best - I salute all your efforts in remaining here. I never actually meant any ill feelings towards anyone on this site - it was a tabloid and people read tabloids for the paper its worth. Abandonwarering - it was never personal, keep up the good work - without you guys, it would be crippling to the scene and we all know that.

I've been involved with: Assasins Abandonware, Underdog Killaz, Anti-tuol, Relay 3000, Oldnet, NecroGames, Blue Print Abandonware, EchoRing, Abandonware Ring, DFL & Abandonware Blog (Marhasans version), Abandonware Gazette, Magic Abandonware, Abandonware FM, L.O.G., OCG List and some others I can't even remember. EchoRing and Acring were nearly going to merge and I was going to ressurect Backlane (Gravediggers ring) with Gravedigger a long time ago - but I didn't have the time.

Things I've done which are not to be proud of:
Underdog Killaz - a silly young man, wanting to make some mark in Abandonware by throwing insults at one of the best abandonware sites ever made.
Anti-tuol - yet again, same as above - this won me my original five minutes of fame for all the wrong reasons. Don't think I actually ever got the chance to apologize to these chaps - but without people like Elwood and Creosote, I don't really think we'd have such a quality driven Abandonware scene and just a bunch of toplists or rings with oldwarez. These guys showed and still do - true dedication to what they loved.
Helping to bring KOTR (King of The Rings) down - a low quality rival ring, where I felt I had the right to dictate who should be in the scene and who shouldn't.
My part in bringing the original TOAR down - yet again, read above - sorry about that again Shane (you got me back though, hey? haha)
Posting a chat log which sealed tee from DFL's departure.

I felt it was important to list those things - because I don't want to pretend I'm actually some sort of 'saint' who did all good for the scene - because quite frankly thats not true. I've learnt a lot from people in this scene that I can proudly say I've transferred into real life and has helped me in succeding in certain things I set out to do. I always and will always talk to people in real life who have no idea about the 'abandonware' concept and explain the idea behind it and direct them to the great websites we have to offer here and I always get a great appreciation for doing so.

I'm not going to list everyone who has inspired, helped or befriended me in the scene - because I wouldn't know where to begin, and wouldn't want to leave anyones name out. But you have my eternal appreciation for being such great people. But I would specifically like to thank my cousin (Diskboy) of dafastlane - as without him introducing me to Abandonware back in 2000 - I wouldn't of known about any of this.

To anyone who reads this

All the best,


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Warmonger - the Obama of abandonware?

So the results for 'Best Abandonware Ring' are out and TOAR won in a land-slide victory. Suprised? Not me.

Warmonger is the Obama of Abandonware - simple as. He's pushing for change - and he's getting it. He updates his ring every day (bar one or two missed update - no biggy compared to the AR) and his member count is rising. He is actually listening to visitors and members about design modifications and keeps on implementing things at the ring. He takes time to list the updates properly - which is nice to see.

Okay, so he emailed or posted in a few forums about the opening of TOAR - big fucking deal: go cry me a river. In a scene which is as dead as this - thank god he did. Thank god he notified people that there is someone out there willing to dedicate time and effort to create an Abandonware ring and regardless of what people think about him - to push onwards with it.

In my opinion, not joining TOAR because you have a complex that you are some bigshot behind a computer screen whilst your mother puts cookies and milk on your desk - is a joke. Logically think about it - by not joining TOAR if you have a website, is a vote against progress and the abandonware concept. You don't want to join because you have an issue with something on his ring? Tell him about it for godsake - lets start helping people who are willing to put in the effort - instead of sitting back and criticizing like a bunch of whining bitches.

I have an issue against the way AR is conducted - but I was willing to update before I made my complaints, when the ring was left un-updated for weeks at a time: my application to update at the ring for a second time fell on deaf ears because the crew was to lazy to respond.

I've had my issues with Warmonger in the past - but we've decided to let sleeping dogs lay. I'm not asking for everyone to hold hands and dance in a circle - but if you see someone trying to make an effort, be it a download/ring/review or whatever site - at least help encourage their efforts and help point them in the right direction - it's quite sad how many great websites or dedicated webbies have 'gone' just because they didn't make it under the radar, just because they wasen't a well-known figure in the Abandonware scene.

"And for better or for worse, history defines us by what we do, and what we choose not to do. Hopefully, what will survive of us is love. So, until the next time, take care of yourselves and most importantly - each other."

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Poll

As the title suggests - check it out.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

TOAR back in town

After an eight year hiatus, Warmonger of (Abandonwar & previous TOAR fame) has decided to resurrect one of the most controversial rings that the Abandonware scene has came across. The new design, whilst not glitzy as some - is a basic and colourful website which serves it's main purpose. Updates so far have been consistently regular and although the member count isn't that impressive at the momment, that is bound to change. In light of the current state of affairs which the 'scene' is going through now - a new addition to the rings could just be what we have been waiting for, especially from someone like Warmonger who has a such a large character.

I managed to catch up with Warmonger and asked him why he decided to re-open after eight years and this is what he had to say "I have noticed the scene declining in activity and, thought it needed a fresh breath of air, from an old sod from the past and, also noticed the other rings sucked balls"

Whether or not he can reach the heights of 70 members this time around is yet to be seen, but knowing Warmonger, we can definitely expect him to have a good crack at it. AWGaz throws it's support behind this blast from the past.

Visit: TOAR @

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Why the scene can't work.

So DFL came back, EchoRing came back. They're both gone now. Voh booted out knyght and bunny from AP and made a return whilst deciding to 'steal' a feature from EchoRing (the newest updated site goes on top of the listing) without asking a member of EchoRing if this would be fine. Not that this bothers me in the slightest, but I always considered Vohaul to be the creative one in the scene and if imitation of EchoRing is needed then I'm happy to help (lets face it - a plethora of other rings in the past have done so) - but what gets me, is that the logo imagery on the listing is something I've always admired at AP, but never contemplated using for EchoRing - because quite frankly, it wouldn't be right.

Back to the actual subject at hand though - we've lost. We're fighting a loosing battle now. We are VCR's in a time DVD players are popular. Bit torrents are the norm now, even more-so then Napster was. We've got wikipedia even more popular as google. What does this mean? People are downloading games from bit torrents and reading reviews from wikipedia - simple as. People don't care anymore about that 'warm feeling' they get from going to websites - we're living in a more fast-paced society, then ever before - faster internet connections, bigger hard-drives and bigger rams and torrents that cut the shit and give you exactly what you need - with the help of wikipedia to help do so. We're living in a dream world, if we think that everyone from ten years ago or so, is going to come back to the scene and we will all join hands and dance and relive the oldtimes - it's not going to happen. It's down hill from here.

"I'm not here for the games you idiot, I'm here for the scene"

What scene though? There is nothing left. No vibrant point of discussion. The newspapers could care less about interviewing anybody about the subject anymore. Website hits are falling and people are (with exceptions) loosing the will to update anymore. From time to time, myself included - you will get people back in the scene who make these big announcements that they are 'back' and things are going to change and they will make sure they do - it just simply never works out. Once I/they see how increasingly quite the 'scene' is - it just works as a motivation deterant.

Don't cry for it: it's already dead.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Shame @ the AR.

An update yesterday saw fans of AbandonwareRing a litte lost for words when the (apparent) head of AR saw him not only embarrasses himself and his fellow updater, but left visitors peeved off with a certain update made here. Co-webmaster Bakkelun quickly apologized on the embarrassment of his leader at the AR and tried to brush it under the rug, by making a statement of "You'll have to excuse Lee, he's not had his usual medication today ;)". One stunned Czech webmaster (and member of the AR) told AwGaz "How can he think this is acceptable ? I personally feel insulted, what if I was to poke fun out of a Brazilian review or a Norwegian review like that ? they'd probably kick me off or something...." whilst another webmaster said "Is this supposed to be a joke? Because it's not funny! Perhaps ring-updaters should think about what they're going to post in future and how people might perceive what they say!".

The hilarity of this major cock-up comes at a time that *I* was, yes me - accused of neglecting to care about foreign speaking sites, whilst an 'Anonymous' commentor on AWGaz accused me by saying "I guess someone just ignores everything if it's not written in english...". What can I say to that? Except... AWGaz 2 - AR 0?

Not all is at loss over at AR though; Bakkelun the saviour of AR has had a "Spring cleaning" after realizing a few years later, that he has admin rights to remove sites. I must say he did a splendid job removing those suspended sites, although still 18 sites remain on the listing that are either dead or breaking rules.

With all AR updaters having rated their sites '5 stars' (because apparently Girls Of Abandonware has a design worthy of a full star, not to mention reviews aswell) although I guess having a star for a nice big pair of juicy tits is enough; here (don't bother checking the rules page - because porn is allowed - even Oldwarez - see: CDos Abandonware).

With the recent critique of AR and it's operations there, Lone Lee seems determined to defy all calls for change and is still persistent on his "Just eat an apple and watched porn - feeling tired... check the fucking updates yourselves, loosers" mentality - whilst Bakkelun is trying his hardest to change things there.

In conclusion; can any site which is self-respecting still maintain a healthy relationship with such a backwards ring? I for one cannot and it would be hypocritical to say the least - therefore my fairytale relationship with AR has came to an abrupt end.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

New poll added.

With the recent uproar regarding the current state of Abandonware rings, I've added a new poll. Please vote if this subject is of any interest to you. I've seriously been thinking about bringing back EchoRing or starting a completely new ring.

Your input is appreciated as always - that is, if anyone is out there.